Sunday, 30 October 2011

Incy Wincy Spider...

Ive just woken up at 8:20am and thought..did last night really happen??? Well judging by my loss of voice from screaming I'm going with yes! I always love surprises but this was one I could of done without.

I had got ready earlier that evening without a care in the world, looking forward to the charity party my brothers friends arrange every year. This year was Halloween theme and everyone had made a big effort with their outfits, even the room was impressively decorated. A few Bacardi and coke's later and the party was in full swing. Every year a speech is made thanking everyone for their support and this year was no different. We always appreciate every one's support and it is a huge comfort to my family. My Mum asked me to give a bouquet of flowers to my brothers friend Amy and wait in the corner of the room (on the opposite side of the room to the back door Ive now realised!). We gave the flowers to my brothers lovely friends and it was my Mum's turn to make a speech. She had asked everyone to get into a circle round the stage and at this point I turned round and noticed a man by the back door, I presumed he had delivered the flowers. Everyone there gathered round and I was hoping my mum wasn't going to get everyone to do a cheesy song- in hindsight I would happily have done this instead!

My Mum started to talk about my charity blog and I could soon tell from the look on her face there was a surprise on its way. She broke the news she had arranged for me to complete number 8 on my list, frantically I tried to envisage my list but was in a state of shock. I turned round and saw the 'florist' wearing a 'Tropical Inc' jumper.........I soon realised what number 8 was (gulp!)

I have always had the strongest phobia of spiders, I had nightmares for a month after watching the film arachnophobia with my brothers and once had to call my Dad to drive round my house to get rid of a spider I found in my room. When I made the list -holding a tarantula- was one that was probably crossed off and put back on more than any others. In fact it was probably the only one that may have cost me completing all 23 things.

Before I could even contemplate my escape a chair had been set up in the middle of the room and all eyes were on me. It still is a bit of a blur but I remember drinking someones pint and telling my mum I would never forgive her. My heart was pounding, the tears started rolling and I probably swore  a lot more than my nan would of liked.

If it had not been for Stephen from Tropical Inc being so reassuring and motivation from the growing crowd I would of done a runner but after a quick chat the first spider..sorry TARANTULA....was on its way over. Never have I tried so hard to stop myself from throwing up (those who have been on nights out with me know its something I have never struggled with before!).

I put my hand out whilst also clutching for dear life on my poor friend's Natalie's* hand. Stephen put the first spider on my hand but kept it covered up so I could catch my breath. There had been a few screams and more tears by this point......

What am I doing here?

Done it!!!!!!!!!

I finally came to terms with having the spider on my hand and feeling quite proud that it was done. But it was never going to be that easy....before I knew it another spider was being brought towards me. Natalie* soon dropped my hand and my right hand woman was gone. I would like to thank the person who shouted out if it was bigger- yes was obviously the answer! Then someone else asked if it was poisonous- yes again! The feeling of not being able to breath and sickness had made a return (not that it had ever really left) and another spider was in my hand..

So I'm now sitting with 2 spiders on my hands and not quite sure how I have ended up in this situation. Everyone took pictures and shouted support and the nightmare was nearly over.....or so I thought....that's right out came tarantula number 3! And as you've guessed it they kept getting bigger and a lot more active. The first spider was still sitting nicely on my right hand but the second one and soon to be third had other ideas....

Its apparent that none of my tasks were ever going to be as straight forward and as my mum asked if I was willing to have one of my head I knew there was a 4th on its way. It soon dawned on me I didn't have much more space on my body and panic struck. Luckily, it wasn't put on my head, but still a bit closer to my face than I would of liked.

After the longest 20 minutes of my life all 4 spiders were safely removed from my body and I had a celebratory tequila and sambuca to calm down. If I have learnt anything from the experience last night... never trust my mum and I am STILL scared of spiders.

A massive thank you to who made the horrific experience remotely bearable.
To everyone who supported me during the longest 20 minutes of my life.
To the person who gave me their pint
AND my mum for making me face my fear in the most amazing way. Having planned it I would probably never of done it so even though you are not yet forgiven you made sure I completed it.

WELL DONE to everyone who had the opportunity to hold one of the spiders too, I am glad you all got to experience it too and do something you have never done before.

And for all those who think I have exaggerated my fear please follow this link to watch a clip of the moment I found out-!/photo.php?v=10150513906943356

(fingers crossed it works)


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  1. Oh my God, you are very brave to not have run out of the room when you found out! I am scared of spiders and can honestly say that I will never do what you did.. well done!!

    Read about you in Company, good luck with your list :)