Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Where It All Began....

On the 23rd March 2006 the world lost an inspirational person. This person helped shape the person I was, the person I am and most importantly the person I will become...

In honour of this very special person I have pledged to ensure that I live my life to the full. I have made a list of 23 things I have always wanted to do, whether it be facing a fear, visiting a place I have always loved or something that is going to make me laugh till I cry.

So with the help of my friends (whether they like or not) I will....

1. Go to New York
2. Get a tattoo
3. Appear on a TV programme
4. Run a charity race
5. Buy a pair of designer shoes
6. Start a blog
7. Learn Welsh
8. Hold a tarantula (or one seriously massive spider!)
9. Go to a music festival
10. Bet £100 on red or black at the casino
11. Climb snowdon
12. Watch the sunrise on new years day
13. Get a piercing- not ears!!
14. Go on a blind date
15. Volunteer for a day
16. Write the first chapter of my book
17. Go to Paris
18. Streak
19. Ride a motorbike
20. Watch a whole TV box set
21. Go to Scotland
22. Learn to do the splits
23. Do a bungee jump

Rules of the list
The list can be completed in any order
All need to be completed or booked by 13th June 2012
Evidence must be provided for all
Each one of my friends has to assist with one thing

Its not going to be easy- which is the point, so wish me luck and the next 8 months could be very interesting indeed...


  1. I came across your blog in Company magazine. I think what you're doing is really inspirational!! I'm sorry for your loss and wish you all the luck in the world :)

  2. I first found out about this blog in company magazine, i am only just starting to read it and am trying to get through all your posts so far. your blog really reminds me of a book i just read called the single girls to do list by Lindsey kelk, obviously her list was made under different circumstances. i am going to follow your blog all the way through to the end. what you are doing is amazing and inspirational, i wish you all the look in the world!!!!! and i definatly think your brother would be prownd of you!!!!