Monday, 17 October 2011

The Reason Behind It All...

A lot of people have asked why I decided to make a list of things to do and the significance of turning 23.

I am relatively private person when it comes to my family but this week seemed most poignant to explain to people my reasons. On the 23rd March 2006 my beautiful brother Oliver passed away in his sleep, he was just 23 years old (caught on with the 23 now?)

Ever since that day I have seen my life completely different. It is very true that you don't know what you have got till its gone...but I can hand on heart say I did know what I had, I just never expected to lose it. I had an amazing childhood with my 3 brothers who were extremely patient with me and included me in everything. We always had fun and i can recall endless funny stories of the 16 years I spent with Oliver. He was the typical big brother- protective, loyal and loved to spoil me. We were not angels by any means and fought more than we got on but I could never imagine my life without him. I don't think I will ever face that reality. But if Oliver taught me anything it was to live life to the full. I always inspired to be like him and he seemed to have no fear. Whatever he wanted he fought hard to get it, and I always carry that with me.

When I turned 22 it soon dawned on me that my next birthday would be 23 and I would be the same age as Oliver. Nothing will ever change him being my big brother (his 6ft4 statue wouldn't change that either!) but it proves how short life is. I owe it to Oliver to live my life to the full and have no regrets, just like I am sure he would. So I had a fantastic idea to make a list of everything I want to do (realistically in 8 months) to remind myself I am alive and I only get one shot at this. Life is not meant to be easy but people can get so swept up in money, work and materialistic objects they forget you're meant to be happy- you work to live, not live to work.

If by the end of my 23 things I have inspired one person to do something they have never done before, given a few people a laugh after a hard day and raised some money for charity then my job here is done!

So I ask everyone on Wednesday 19th October, what would of been Oliver's 29th birthday, to do one thing they have never done before, not matter how big or small. You only get one shot at life and if you live it right, once is enough.

And to end on a nice note, here is a blast from the blast....

(L to R, David, Me (infront), Charlotte, Nick, Adam and Oliver)

Keep reading my blog for the rest of the journey :-) xx

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