Monday, 10 October 2011

Strictly Confidential

Its 8 am and my friend Paige* has handed me a blackcurrant shot (yes this is same friend who set me up on the blind date). Were on a train to London ready to attempt to get into the BBC studio's to watch the recording of strictly come dancing. Hour and a half later and were on our way to the hotel which was in an 'interesting' area of London. We were welcomed by 3 teenagers having a fag at the entrance and a receptionist who couldn't speak English. Food and alcohol were next on the agenda and thanks to Paige's* iphone we got to Westfield.........only to also walk past the BBC studio and see a queue already forming at 11am. It soon dawns on us that the whole purpose of the weekend may actually have just been ruined! Perhaps we were a little naive to think that even though tickets are over subscribed we could still turn up at 2:30pm (the time to the doors open) ERROR!

Frantically thinking what on earth to do it was soon established this decision could not be made on an empty stomach. Landing in Wahaca (amazing mexican  food) the plan was to eat and then run straight back to the hotel to make ourselves look glamorous and get straight back to the studio. After being turned away from the restaurant because it was not even 12pm- we were really that hungry! We had to make do with half a scone each and a cup of tea out of a small bowl. Finally 12pm came round and I was drinking a passion fruit margarita and eating burritos. Don't judge us for drinking early it was technically the afternoon and it turned out to be 1 of many MANY more drinks that day.

After a movie style dash across a busy road we were in a taxi on the way back to the hotel. Luckily the hotel had let us check in early- to possibly the smallest premier inn room ever seen! 15 minutes later were out the door and back at BBC Studio's. There was 2 ladies at the door and we were given 2 red stickers....we were definitely in baby!! It was 1:15pm and were told to come back when the doors opened. APPARENTLY you only have to get stickers earlier and then could come back at 2:30pm- that would of been useful information when we were suffering chronic indigestion from 10 minutes of stuffing our faces. Off we went trotting round Westfield on a Saturday afternoon in our dresses and heels looking like hookers, potentially not helped with us putting on more make up in Superdrug and applying fake eyelashes in the toilets..You can take the girls out of Walsall....

2 hours later and we were in the audience foyer, phones and coats handed in and being lined up to go into the studio. This was the moment of truth, where we would be sat could potentially mean my face 'gracing' BBC one television. A tense walk through the corridors and a cheeky wave to Harry from Mcfly and were in the studio. We were led to the main seats and could not believe our luck that we sitting in the main area. Unfortunately our luck ran out and we had been took to the wrong area so were led to the upstairs balcony, Ouch that hurt! So were officially not in view of the camera's but had a fab view of the stage and even better the interview area with Tess Daly. Bruce Forsyth was amazing and Tess Daly looked stunning, the show went on for 2 hours (1 hour 55 minutes spent looking at Tom and Dougie from Mcfly on the opposite row-the other 5 minutes watching Robbie Savage-phwoar!!)

It was time for the interval and rehearsals for the results show. We ate the 2 kitkats we had smuggled in and contemplated where to go for some cheeky drinks afterwards- just in case Mcfly didn't whisk us out for an after party. My lovely friend Paige* had spoken to the production team and mentioned my 23 things to do before 23 and the need for me to be on screen, if only for a second. The lady offered to try and get the camera to pan upstairs to the balcony but this was probably a ploy to get Paige* to leave.We queued again to be led in to the studio but was suddenly pulled aside by the same production lady. She told us to stand to the side and wait for a moment. Anxiously we stood there like naughty schoolgirls outside the headmasters office. Little did we know that we had bagged front row seats for the results show. Yes people you heard right..FRONT ROW SEATS!! Never has the phrase 'if you don't ask you don't get' been so true! We were led to our seats opposite the judges and right next to the stage. Yes people we had made it! I was close enough to see the shimmer on Jason Donovan's face. The highlight had to be the little chat and wink with Anton and Tess Daly nearly tripping over Paige*. We clapped liked drunk seals and hoped to god we had actually been seen on screen.

I can proudly announce that we did and hear is the proof.....

Yes we are now officially celebrities and I can confirm we partied like celebrities too. 10 Vodka's and 5 jagerbombs later a spicy hot veggie pizza awaited and a club named Embargo in Fulham will always be remembered as our Strictly Come Dancing after party.

Look out for me on Celebrity Big Brother next year..

PS. That is 3 tasks down...1. start a blog, 2. blind date and 3. appear on TV

What will be next ;-)

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