Friday, 11 November 2011

Task 13: Unlucky for some..

After the traumatic spider holdings I thought that my next task would be a walk in the park. One of the tasks that has always caused much discussion was number 13- the piercing. Of course, the obvious is the ears however that was the only place it was not allowed to be. Everyone had their own opinion on where it would be or usually where it should not be! I have always been quite strong minded so there was one place that shone out for me. Lots of eyebrows were raised and questions..would it hurt? what about if it goes wrong?

Up until a week before I was pretty adamant on where it was going to be until there was a few disapproving comments. I then started to think about other places, it had to be somewhere that could be hidden and wouldn't compromise my job either- that was any face piercings out the picture. No matter how many options people gave no other place would compare.

There was a particular person who inspired me to go ahead with the piercing. At the time it had been touch and go whether I went ahead (nerves were getting the better of me) but then I had a message from an old school friend. Kelly Haley- who was happy to be named- sent me the nicest message I have received since starting my blog. Kelly and myself go way back to when we used to get the same bus to school everyday and share our love of Christmas. Anyone who knows Kelly is aware she is one of the nicest people you could meet with a heart of gold and the humour to cheer up anyone. Kelly lived up to her caring nature again and offered to help with one of my tasks, aware that I was going to have an expensive few months. When I told her about my next task it seemed quite fitting she would sponsor it- thank you Kelly!

I had a week off work and was going to visit my friend Erin* in Cambridge. We found the perfect place down a backstreet (it was clean honest Nan!) called Tattoo Crazy, and after a reassuring chat with them I was actually getting quite excited for it. They advised me to have something to eat first and have lots of sugar (not quite as reassuring). In typical sophisticated fashion we had a burger, bit hard to stomach when you know the incredible pain on its way. We headed back to the place and before I knew I was exposing myself to the unfortunate lady who had the task of piercing me. Due to health and safety we was not able to get any pictures of the piercing taking place, which I was very pleased to hear.

So if you haven't already guessed my piercing was.. (NO not down there!) nipple!!

For anyone who has had their nipple pierced the pain is horrific. I have to admit that the lady who did it could not of been any nicer and took her time in making sure it was in the right place. One deep breath the clamp was on and the needle through. Aside from the feeling of being stabbed it wasn't too bad and I was given a mirror to 'admire' the results. I am surethere will be mixed reactions to the place and questions as to why I didn't go for my bellybutton or nose etc but I am happy with it and its something different. The feeling after I had done it was great and even though it still aches a day later I do not regret it at all.


Whilst I will not be posting a picture of my nipple to protect my dignity you can briefly see the bar below as proof!

Big thank you again to everyone at Tattoo Crazy in Cambridge, Kelly Haley for sponsoring the task and Erin* for coming with me!

If anybody has any comments or idea's for other the tasks please do not hesitate to contact me at


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