Saturday, 4 February 2012

7 down..16 to go..

I have been lucky enough to hear from really amazing people over the last few weeks who have stumbled across the blog through followers publicising the links too and I am extremely grateful for that. I thought that now was as good a time as any to give a little update on where I am with the list-

1. Go to New York
2. Get a tattoo
3. Appear on a TV programme
4. Run a charity race
5. Buy a pair of designer shoes
6. Start a blog
7. Learn Welsh
8. Hold a tarantula (or one seriously massive spider!)
9. Go to a music festival
10. Bet £100 on red or black at the casino
11. Climb Snowdon
12. Watch the sunrise on new years day
13. Get a piercing- not ears!!
14. Go on a blind date

15. Volunteer for a day
16. Write the first chapter of my book
17. Go to Paris
18. Streak
19. Ride a motorbike
20. Watch a whole TV box set in 24 hours
21. Go to Scotland
22. Learn to do the splits
23. Do a bungee jump

Even though I have only completed 7 tasks I can assure you the others are well on the way to being completed. The last few weeks have been very busy making arrangements for upcoming tasks- some I can tell you about and some I cant (wouldn't want to spoil the surprise would I?).

I am very pleased to inform you that I will be climbing Snowdon in March and even more excited to update that my best friends will be joining me along the way too! I really appreciate them all committing to what is going to be quite a challenge- the most we've ever climbed is the stairs to the second floor of a club!!! I have decided upon a weekend that is due to be a difficult one for my family so I am very honoured to have them with me to ensure it is a positive experience.

Whilst Snowdon is sure to test my endurance it will also be acting as training for what is install for task number 4. Half an hour ago I signed up for the Stratford 220 Triathlon- that's right..a TRIATHLON! Just in case you are thinking I have been drinking I can safely say I haven't. The people closest to me will agree I never do things by halves and enjoy a good challenge so it seemed a great idea. I looked into races coming up before June but I didn't quite think the local fun run was going to cut it- so on the 13th May I will be completing a 200m swim, 23km cycle and finally a 2.5km run. I am extremely nervous but hoping to see it as a way to get myself healthy and hopefully help with learning to do the splits to!

I have already started my training as I am currently completing a boot camp with and with the help of some great people will be fighting back cramp and stitch until the 13th May. Come rain or sun or SNOW I will do this....

Smiling through the agony of finishing my 3rd boot camp session

I hope you can all support me along the way and there will be another task completed before the end of the month too.

Remember you can donate to support the fantastic charity CRY at if you would like more information on the charity I am raising money for please read the blog post 'Make a difference'.

Much love as always for reading.

Grace xx

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