Sunday, 12 February 2012

Task 20: Live on air with Claire

It was Monday lunchtime and I managed to tear myself away from my exciting pasta salad to have a quick peek at my emails. I check my emails daily but mainly receive junk emails from clothes shops and somebody telling me Ive won $5 million dollars...but today was a little different. Top of my inbox was a new email from a lady name Natasha with the subject 'BBC Interview'! I nearly fell off my chair as I opened it and quickly scanned the sentances to find out what it was all about...

'Hi Grace,
Hope you’re ok.
I’m just contacting you from BBC Radio WM and the Adrian Goldberg Show.
We’ve come across your blog and would love to do a feature on it!
Ideally we’d look to do it this Wednesday 8th, and it’d be great if you can come into the studio?
We’d also love it if we could help you cross something off your list on air if you can think of anything?
Can you get back to me asap.
Really looking forward to hearing from you.

I sat in silence for a few moments trying to take it all in- it still surprises me how interested people are in the blog. I clicked back into gear and after a few frantic phone calls it was all confirmed for Thursday 9th at 11am. Over the next few days my excitement decreased and my fear grew and grew- what if I sound like the biggest brummie ever? what if I swear? what if I knock my glass of water over and destroy the whole studio with an electrical fire?? There wasn't much time for me to dwell as before I knew it Thursday was upon me and I was up bright and early to ensure I was on time. I listened to BBC WM as I got ready and the car journey to the mailbox and got little butterflies when I heard my story being mentioned on what was coming up on the Adrian Goldberg show. I went to the reception and signed in before having 10 minutes to 'relax' I could not believe I was sitting waiting to go on the radio to talk about such a fanatasic charity and more importantly my amazing brother. I felt my throat tighten,my  palms got sweaty and before I knew it I was being ushered into the studio and sat opposite the red microphone..5..4..3..2..1...

The moment it felt very real

It feels like such a blur when I look back, I was truly petrified and felt like my brain went empty but somehow I managed to string sentances together and even have a laugh with it too. I remember being called Claire alot (cheers Adrian!) and somehow being persuaded to attempt the splits on air (still a little way to go as it hurt alot!). I had such a great time I wish I could do it every week! It was such an amazing experience and hopefully will have inspired a few more people to live for the moment and not wait for tomorrow to do what they really want to do. 

The view of the studio from outside

I cannot thank Adrian, Natasha and Louisa for helping me complete another task and do something I never thought I would have the chance to do.  I decided to replace the dvd boxset in 24 hours with appearing on the radio as it was such a great experience and much more challenging than sitting in my pj's all day!

If you didnt get the chance to hear my interview you can listen online at- and got to 2 hours 15mins to hear in full.

If you have any problem with the link you can search for BBC WM and Adrian Goldberg 09/02/2012. The show is available online for 4 more days so dont miss out!
If you have any ideas for completing other tasks or just wish to drop me an email then please contact me on or you can follow me on twitter @thegracecollins

Thank you for all your support and if you wish to donate a few pennies you can do so

Grace x

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  1. Hi! Ummm...I'm Hope and I just wanted to say I love your blog! <3

    Hahaa, I found out about it in a copy of Company magazine (yeh, don't ask me WHY i bought tht mag, they were out of bliss AND sugar 0_o) and it was what inspired me to do my blog which is 13 things I want to do while I'm still 13.

    So, its a bit like yours, on a smaller scale (and with its own banner! BOOM!)

    Good Luck!! ~Hope x