Thursday, 23 February 2012

Taking the plunge..

..One of the first ever charity challenges I completed was a skydive in November 2006. I would love to say it was amazing and I wish I could do it again...but that isn't quite how it panned out. It was a cold, grey day and I had to wake at the crack of dawn to get to the site in Nottingham. I hadn't thought much about what I was actually doing until we had a safety talk and got to meet our instructor. My instructor looked like a thin version of Santa and around the same age, but he had a great sense of humour and really did his best to put me at ease. Before I knew it I had got into the smallest, oldest plane imaginable and was slowly climbing to 15,000 ft. No matter how high you think that is..double it!! By some fluke of bad luck I was due to go first but unfortunately it took a little more reassurance for me even to contemplate moving from my spot. Someone else went first and then the finger pointed at me again. It wasn't until the poor lady (who had the job to persuade me to move) mentioned all the people who had donated money that I agreed to it. This seemed to be a signal to my instructor to move quickly as I hadn't even took a breath and I was being hung out the side of the plane. He shouted at me to put my legs under the side and hold my head back and before I knew it the most incredible force was making my cheeks wobble up to my ears. I remember feeling weightless, trying so hard to scream whilst also smiling for the cameraman in my face. After 30 seconds of free fall the parachute was up and I could finally relax taking in the beautiful view. We finally reached the ground and I was greeted by all my family applauding...thank god that was over!

Many moons ago!

....So you're probably thinking why would I now want to do a bungee jump? Honest answer- NO IDEA! It has always been something that has petrified me and I see a lot more danger involved that a skydive- even if it isn't as high. But the fact that I was so adamant NOT to do one was half the appeal of making sure it was on the list. That may not make sense but hopefully by now you will have realised that I love a challenge and I never do things the usual way.

I have very kindly been funded to do the bungee jump by an extremely lovely lady and will always be grateful for her generosity. I am pleased to announce that I will be facing my fear on-

Monday 9th April (Easter Monday) at approx 3pm
West Midlands Waterski Centre,
Tamworth Road,
B78 2DL

Spectators are more than welcome and it would be amazing for anybody to come and watch. I cant promise I wont get nervous but I can promise I will definitely do it!

Thank you for your continuous support throughout the tasks and the motivation to keep going and complete the rest. Please remember you can donate online at if you think what I am doing is worth a few pennies.

Thank you for reading,

Grace x

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