Sunday, 15 January 2012

Make A Difference...

January has certainly set the bar for the rest of 2012...

Back in October last year- when I first began my list- I wrote to the magazine Company ( explaining what I was doing. I was completely surprised when they quickly wrote back to me loving the idea and wanting to feature it somehow in the magazine. I expected it would perhaps feature in the letters section but was overwhelmed when they replied wanting to do an article in their February issue. After a few emails and a 2 hour long phone call the interview was complete and now the wait was on for the issue to come out. I didn't have too high expectations as any mention of my blog in the magazine was going to be an achievement but when the magazine hit the shelves on the 12th January I was in for a complete shock. I don't remember the drive to the shop very well as I was filled with a mixture of excitement/nerves/apprehension. I quickly scanned the shelves until I finally lay my eyes on the front cover. I opened the first page and a lump hit my throat when I saw '23 things to do before 23' in the contents page under 'features'. My fingers could not get to the page quick enough and when I reached page 88 and saw the illustration of my face I could not hide my joy. I had a few funny looks as I let out a little shriek and grinned like a cheshire cat as I read the whole article. I must of stood there for 10 minutes going over and over every word. I showed a lady next to me and she was equally as excited, promptly putting a copy in her trolley to take home too.

I can already see the amount of interest the magazine has generated with now closing in on 4000 views, more followers on twitter and blogger and facebook 'like's'. The most unexpected part has been the emails I have received from people who have came across the blog and enjoyed it that much they wanted to thank me. A lot of people have also mentioned being able to donate to the charity. I was hesitant at first in setting up the justgiving page so soon as I did not want to put pressure on people. The main reason for the blog has always been to promote people to think differently about life and raise the profile of the charity C-R-Y but I have no doubt that I will complete all the tasks on my list- even if it bankrupts me!

 I have taken the plunge and can proudly present to you my justgiving page at-

If you have enjoyed reading my tasks so far and would like to donate a pound or two it would be greatly appreciated. Every penny will go to the charity and they are always so thankful for the money they receive enabling them to buy equipment, fund heart screening days and continue their research. You really will be making a huge difference to people lives and even saving that of your own. C-R-Y work tirelessly to encourage EVERY person from 14-35 to have their heart tested for undiagnosed heart conditions.

The below Midlands campaign may help you understand-

More information on the work C-R-Y completes can be found at-

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and another task will be completed shortly.

Many thanks for your support as always, you can contact me at or follow me on twitter at @thegracecollins. I have also made it possible for you to add comments to posts without a google account so if there are any previous tasks you have enjoyed please leave a comment.

Grace xx


  1. I love your blog and admire your determination and dedication to such a good cause. Good luck and keep it up! x

  2. I came across your blog because of this Company article! I just wanted to say a huge well done, you're an inspiration!!

  3. Just read your magazine article in company mag and searched for your blog straight away! The article looks so awesome! you must be really chuffed and I bet your brother is already so proud. I will be following along as you complete the goals xxx

  4. I read your article in Company mag and came on here straight away, It's a fantastic idea and I really admire it. You've inspired me to start my own blog and do my own '23 B4 23' =) Good luck with your list! xx

  5. Hey hun. You're doing wonderfully. Mentioned your blog on mine pls have a look and see what we're up to. Keep up your awesomeness! Xx