Saturday, 7 January 2012

Task 12: Bring Me Sunshine..

New years day and my housemate knocks on my door to say my Mum is on her way. I look at my phone and as my eyes gain focus I see 7:30am and 4 missed calls *Urgh* Through the haze of last nights alcohol I remember its time to complete another task. When I chose to watch the sunrise on new years day I thought it would be one of the easier tasks to complete...I probably forgot how early I would have to get up with a severe hangover to boot.

I pulled on whatever clothes were around and made my way downstairs tip-toeing round the empty beer cans, party poppers and other remainders of last nights party. It looked cold, windy and grey outside but off I went to welcome the first sunrise of 2012- my commitment to this list had never been so tested. Luckily my Mum and Dad had been a little more sensible when it came to planning and had very kindly offered to come and pick me up to ensure I actually completed the task and could enjoy myself a little on new years eve. We had checked the times of the sunrise online a few times and I was quite shocked to learn that it was approximately 8:15am. It was starting to look quite bright outside already and I got nervous we were going to miss it. What people do not realise is that when it actually goes bright outside this is not sunrise, this is only dawn. To get a little scientific with you- dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognised by the presence of weak sunlight, while the sun itself is still below the horizon. Dawn should not be confused with sunrise, which is the moment when the leading edge of the sun itself appears above the horizon.

So with my fake eyelashes still clinging on for dear life we made our way to out first spot which unfortunately ended up being hidden by tree's. With a little time we made our way to our second spot which was perfect..the same could not be said for the weather and it was too cloudy for the sunrise that day. As much as I was not happy with the early rise, hangover (and serious need for a bacon sandwich) I was really disappointed we had come all this way to not see it.

Cutting a lonely figure on new years day

Attempt 2:
The very next day we made our way to the same spot with a new person too- my Grandad. Whilst the early morning was still not appealing, being free of a hangover did ease getting up this time. We got there nice and early and whilst there was still some cloud we would definitely be able to see the sunrise this time- result! I must admit as we waited patiently with the wind howling round us I was not expecting anything spectacular. I only chose this task when I did my (brief) research into the list I read that at some point in your life you should watch the sunrise on new years day.

Really impressed with the second early morning

However, I was pleasantly surprised when at approximately 8:17am we saw the smallest slither of sun poke up above the east. It was amazing how quickly it rose from the horizon and within a minute we could see the whole sun. It truly was breathtaking and I was so pleased I had made the effort to see something I had never seen before and doubt will ever see again...

Big thank you to my parents for coming with me..twice and my grandad for taking great pictures.

I would recommend you all watch the sunrise at some point in your life as it was truly breathtaking.

Happy New Year to you all xx


  1. Another great post Grace! I always liked watching the sun set on the beach while I was in Aberystywth. If you have never seen the sun set over the sea you definitely should!

  2. Similarly, I took every opportunity to watch the sunset over the ocean when living in Perth, Western Australia. A lovely peaceful way to reflect on the day.