Friday, 30 December 2011

Fairwell 2011

Starting this blog has by far been my highlight of 2011. What started as a joke has become one of the best things I have ever done and it is thanks to you all who are taking the time to read and support me along the way. There is still a long way to go.....probably a lot of months in my overdraft and some occasions when I wonder why on earth I am putting myself through this?!?...(note read my post 'the reason behind it all' if I feel that way!)

2012 is shaping up to be an equally exciting year as I tick off the rest of the tasks. The blog is also continuing to gain media interest, after featuring in the Express & Star I am overwhelmed to have a piece in the next issue of Company magazine and also on their website.

New year is always a time for reflection, for some it will be a year they would rather forget, others their best year to date. No matter what 2011 has meant to you I hope 2012 is your year of happiness, remember only you hold the power to make it that way. I made the enormous decision to leave my job in November, meaning I have no idea (literally) what 2012 will bring February onwards. It is scary/exciting times- some may say insane but sometimes you need to put yourself in that position to let life take you in a different direction. This year I really found out the person I am and more importantly the person I want to become. I realised that I am too superstitious, never allowing myself to enjoy the moment in case it all goes horribly wrong- there's a resolution for the new year!

So perhaps when thinking of your resolutions have a read through the past post's and hopefully it will give you a little inspiration for something to achieve in 2012?

Please continue to support my list of things to do where possible. There is a facebook page under '23 things to do before 23' that you can join, follow me on twitter @thegracecollins and also email me at

Have a great New Year everybody whatever you have planned and see you in 2012! X

I cannot promise that your year is going to end like this but it is a pretty amazing photo of Oliver's favourite place!

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