Sunday, 10 June 2012

Task 9: Defeated by Download

When I envisioned going to my first festival I pictured myself at V -but when I was offered guest tickets for Download I couldn't refuse. Whilst its no secret that my taste is music is 'varied' I like to think I can appreciate a good band and everyone was so jealous when I told them I was going. Although I had barely heard of any of the bands I was lucky enough to know one- No Americana, my friends band that you should ALL start to follow now as they're going to be huge! Just remember who told you about them ;-)

Make sure you visit their website and you can follow them on twitter #noamericana

Its safe to say that I had done no preparation for a festival AT ALL and with the whole week up until Saturday being filled with rain I thought it was about time I got some wellies. So the night before I frantically made a visit to my nearest shopping centre and text round all my friends for the possibility of some size 5 wellies. Luckily my friends Emily and Eve own more practical shoes than me and came up with the goods!

On Saturday morning I woke up and peered my head round the blind to see NO RAIN! I could not of been thankful. I heard horror stories of disastrous festivals where people are covered head to toe in mud and although I'm not a girlie girl I didn't fancy that at all. My brother was kind enough to give my friend Emily and I a lift and we began the long walk to the stages. Once we were allowed in we soon realised the need for waterproofs and wellies, the mud was thick and it was a work out in itself just getting through it. We went to the Pepsi max stage first and saw some bands we really enjoyed including personal favourite 'The YoYo's'. Even though it wasn't our usual scene we were really enjoying ourselves and even braced the toilets which slowly got more and more unhygienic throughout the day. Luckily Emily- who is a self confessed OCD- had her hand sanitiser out at every opportunity and practically a whole toilet roll in her bag (at least one of us was prepared!)

It wouldnt be a festival without mud

After a meat feast pizza which had very questionable 'meat' we made our way to the main stage and in true festival style got right in the thick of it to watch Tenacious D- who were amazing! Emily and I both knew who they were which was a first and even though we could barely see and saw more boobs on the screen than Jack Black it was all going well till we got covered in what we hope was water (were taking the fact it was cold as a good sign). After that incident we decided to stand a bit further way for Biffy Clyro and that is when the aches and pains started to kick in. I longed for a cup of tea but knew I had to 'man-up' and stick around to see Metallica. We decided donuts were the answer- which I'm pleased to say were alot more enjoyable than the pizza- even at £5! They seemed to do the trick and we were ready to watch a piece of history. Ive never seen such crowds and the atmosphere was amazing.

Proof I was actually there!

I am so so pleased that I had the opportunity to go and spend the day with my favourite people. I always think its good to do something out your comfort zone and I know I will be going back next year...a bit more prepared! Thank you so much to Emily for surviving the experience- I know it wasn't easy for you, but I think you got your own back making me go on that ride! Ha ha! Last but not least thank you to Sue for arranging the tickets and making it possible for me to go :-)

The ride Emily made me go on!

Thank you to everyone for reading, and make sure you check out No Americana!

Grace xx

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