Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Task 22: Act Your Age

From an early age my Saturday mornings involved putting on my pale blue leotard and walking to my weekly gymnastic lesson with my Nan. Even though I hated being deprived from Saturday morning cartoons I did love it once I was there. I would spend the Saturday afternoons showing everyone who would watch what I learnt that day. From what I am told I wasn’t half bad and touching my head with my toes and handstands. My friend Amy still reminds me how I fell into a bush at school whilst doing a headstand and showed my knickers to the whole playground! I always wish I had continued but unfortunately my interests soon turned to make-up and boys instead of gambols and cartwheels.

I thought that learning to do the splits again would be a great way to re-live my youth and perhaps kick start a new hobby....I couldn’t have been more wrong. I should of left my leotard where it belonged- back in 1997! I tried every stretch possible and even got a few injuries just from practising but I gave it my best shot....

Having a practice



I think it was a fair attempt but sometimes you can’t act a kid forever...so I am rather glad I spent my last night of 22 thinking I have the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast and maybe tomorrow at the grand age of 23 I will start acting my age..............................Nah! ;-)

 One last task to go everybody!

Grace xx

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