Monday, 11 June 2012

Task 16: The Next Carrie Bradshaw

I have always, always wanted to write an autobiography and see my name on the front of a hardback book. I know I am only 22 but I believe you only get out of life what you put in so I know I will make my life worth writing about. In the words of Benjamin Franklin ‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’. Ever since my friend Rachel introduced me to this quote it has stayed in my mind and I will endeavour to live my life that very way. Prior to this blog my writing finished as my education did and like everyone else my English A-level has come into very little use! But now, through documenting every task as I completed it, writing has become more than just a hobby. I have always struggled with talking about my emotions so being able to write about them instead has proved a much successful medium. Not having to see people’s reactions as I talk about things I have never said before has actually given me the confidence to say them. 

I have thought about many ways to begin the first chapter of my book and everything that has brought me to this stage in my life...and then I thought why write just one chapter? Let’s write a whole book! So that is exactly what I have started to do. Through the technology of Apple and the assistance of some very knowledgeable family members my first book is well on its way to being complete. Working my way through this list has took me on such a journey I felt it deserved a book all to itself. Whilst the first chapter aptly named ’17 Hill Top Walk’ (the house that brought my brothers and me together as a family) the rest of the book discusses the reason behind the list and how it came about. Each chapter documents each task in more detail showing all the preparation up until its completion, extra pictures and all the messages, comments and tweets I received afterwards. The beauty of an e-book is that you can make it as interactive as you wish including video footage, music and links directing you straight to the blog in question. My vision of the book is to make it into a modern scrapbook with notes and doodles showing how ideas came together. I cannot wait to present it to you through iTunes. It is a working process but below is a sneak preview of the front cover. The book will not only be dedicated to Oliver- the reason behind it all- but to YOU. All of you that have took the time to read each task and give me the encouragement I needed when times got tough.
Working progress of the front cover by Adam Collins

 I cannot thank you all enough, and I think it is only fair that I prove to you that finishing the list doesn’t mean I will now live a life of boredom. Everything I try to encourage in others I will continue to do so myself and to prove it I had set up another blog - Whilst there will be no set tasks or deadline I will continue to write about the achievements and special moments throughout my life...and I have to admit- I think I would of missed blogging a little bit too! I will post the pictures of my trips to Paris and New York and most importantly my 23rd birthday (just 2 days away!) You will also be able to hear about when the book is published. I am not the best writer in the world but if Katie Price can have a bestseller Im willing to give it my best shot!
If you would like any messages or comments published in the book please get in touch at or ‘like’ the facebook page 23 things to do before 23, alternatively you can tweet @thegracecollins

Thank you so much for reading as always,

Grace xx

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