Sunday, 8 April 2012

Task 23: Dont look down..

Since my bungee jump was booked a few weeks ago, people have kindly been telling me horror stories of what could happen to me- most commonly my eyes popping out or more recently the bungee snapping and falling into crocodile infested water- so I think I could be forgiven for pushing this task to the back of mind? After weeks of ignorance the 7th April was upon me and I was on my way to the West Midlands water ski centre. Although I have been labelled as a bit of an adrenaline junkie in the past I am always struck with horrific nerves. Even before going on a date (perhaps since one of my first tasks- the blind date) or going somewhere I have never been before my tummy will be doing somersaults. As we made our way round the bends of the road I suddenly spotted the crane in the distance...oh ****! Excuse my language but seeing what you are about to throw yourself off is enough to make anybody swear. The location wasn't quite as glamorous as I had hoped and the field full of caravans did nothing to calm my nerves. However as I approached the site it all seemed very organised and professional and I started to feel at ease. As I stood at the bottom of the crane I thought about how 160ft couldn't be that high right? WRONG- just as I began to calm down a girl had jumped and made the biggest shriek I have ever heard.

As I signed in and got in the queue to be harnessed more of my family and friends began to arrive. It was lovely to have them there but it also made it impossible to back out now. The queue went down quickly and it wasn't until I had my feet strapped up that the nerves really kicked. I felt my knees shaking and drops of rain was hitting my face making my teeth chatter together. Not even the bloke in front of me who decided to do it in just his boxers could distract my thoughts away from what I was about to do. There was only one girl left between me and my jump and as we was a similar build she would be a good one to watch...that was until she did the most ungraceful jump I have ever seen. She seemed to fall like a rag doll and just like the earlier girl she screamed her heart out. As she slowly got brought back to the ground I saw all eyes turn to me. I cannot fault the team there as they did everything possible to reassure me, introducing themselves, trying to make me laugh..which all worked well until we started to go up in the air and got higher and higher and higher. Suddenly 160 ft was a LONG way up and the cheers from the spectators got quieter and quieter. Dan opened the gate and I shuffled to the ledge, I promised myself I would not look down so I stared across the eerily still lake in front of me. This was it, mind over matter... "1, 2, 3..bungee!!!!" Dan said....I didn't budge. My heart was racing and as he said it again "1,2,3 bungee!!" on that one I pushed out as far as possible and felt the rush of air on my face. The wind howled in my ears as I plummeted further down and then suddenly sprang back up. The relief was incredible and the only way I could describe the feeling is going on oblivion at alton towers- minus the roller coaster. It felt incredible and unlike the skydive I would happily do another one..perhaps even bigger? Ask me again in 6 months when the novelty has wore off!

Just so you don't all think I am lying below are a few of the pictures...Enjoy!

Nervously waiting

About to go up!

Moment of truth


Most amazing experience ever

..although it may not show by the face

Safely back down to earth

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