Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Task 18..All Will Be Revealed..

It is fair to say that second to the piercing the streak has gained the most curiosity. When I first mentioned the idea of a nice warm beach with just me and a mate I didn't think it would be too hard to do, but apparently that was a bit too easy for some people. It soon became clear there are 'rules' to a streak..

1. It had to be outside
2. It had to be a sporting event
3. There had to be more than 1 person there

It wasn't until one night in my local pub that my 2 friends Lucy and Tori came up with the idea of doing the streak at one of the local football teams games- Stonnall FC. I have worked on and off in The Old Swan in Stonnall since the age of 16 when I got my first job as a waitress. It is your typical village pub where everybody knows everyone but I wouldn't change it for the world. I would count most of the customers as friends and they have always been so supportive of all my charity tasks. Even atthe moment they have a CRY bucket on the bar collecting everyone change.

Even though the idea of doing a streak in front of people I know was daunting the more I thought about the more I came round to the idea. They would all know why I was doing it and it ticked all the right boxes for the 'rules of a streak'. I thought it was only fair that the 2 ladies who thought of the idea be in on it and it just happened that Lucy's dad is secretary so she was able to find out the dates of the games. Time was against us as there wasn't too many games left of the season so when a home game on Tuesday 17th April came up I knew it was now or never. Tori was kind enough to offer her house as the location and we had a very long facebook message going on making arrangements!

Contrary to what some may say I do see myself as a sophisticated and shy lady *ahem!* so I had to protect my modesty somehow. We had the idea of painting on a football kit so it kept with the theme of the event and kept whatever dignity I had left. After hours of Internet searching I finally found the perfect product to do the job 'liquid latex'. It does what it says on the tin and is literally a body paint that drys like a latex/rubber skin. I ordered a bottle of blue and black as I was reassured this would be the team's colour and all that was left to do was wait for the big day!

I awoke on the Tuesday morning in a particularly bad mood, it was cold and grey outside and the liquid latex still hadn't arrived!  I hated not knowing whether it was actually going to go ahead or not and the idea of streaking in torrential rain or even worst HAIL did not appeal in the slightest. It appeared the odds were against us as 5pm came and still no sign on the paint...and it was still raining! I reached my Mothers house (where the paint was due to be delivered) and felt a wave of relief. Even though I had to think of a new idea now least I didn't have to get naked that night or risk pneumonia...then I saw a brown package sitting on the doorstep. I knew straight away what it was and my heart sank. There was no going back now, I text the girls and it was all systems go. I rushed home grabbed an old dressing gown, towels, football socks, trainers and little else. When I reached Tori's house at 6pm there was no time to waste as kick off was 6:30pm. Anxiety began to take over but I knew I was in safe hands when the girls started drawing designs of the kit and how best to cover my nipples?! It was never going to be a comfortable position but I stripped off and the girls began painting away. They were taking it very seriously as they drew panels on my sides to slim my silhouette and even had hairdryers on me to dry the paint for touch-ups. Conversation soon turned to the route of the streak and a strategy was devised for how to get me to the alley way to hide behind a tree and Lucy would be waiting at the other side of the pitch with a dressing gown. It was as comical as it sounds! We made the finishing touches to my 'kit' and was on way to the playing fields, it wasn't till I actually got there and heard the shouting of the players that I started to actually consider what I was doing. It was going to be humiliating- what if I fell over? what if they saw my cellulite? and worst of all- what if someone rugby tackled me to the ground??

Tori and I hid behind the tree as Lucy got into place and gave us the nod. I wanted nervously but there was no way I was budging. My chest felt tight- most probably due to the latex that was drying faster by the second- and the pitch started to look bigger and bigger. The ball got kicked out towards us and I saw the goalie come running over. I knew this was my chance and I shouted at him to not kick the ball. He seemed a little startled that a girl in a pink dressing gown was hiding behind a tree and still puzzled answered 'What?!' I took a deep breath and replied 'Dont kick the ball back because I am about to streak!'..the goalie was still bemused but before he could answer back I threw my dressing gown to the floor and ran as fast as my legs would carry me (whilst holding my stomach in, pushing my boobs out and attempting to control my jiggly bum- of course). It seemed liked the longest thirty seconds of my life. I have never heard 23 blokes (including the ref) so quiet. At first I don't think anybody quite realised I had no clothes on until someone politely informed everyone it looked cold outside (cringe!). I finally reached Lucy at the other end and she threw the dressing gown over me. I was greeted with a cheer from the teams and spectators and could breathe a sigh of relief it was over. I felt guilty that I had potentially ruined there game but they were all good sports and I am pleased to announce Stonnall won the game too!

I know what you are all thinking- great story but where are the pictures? Before you look I apologise for any potential nightmares and to my family- I hope you can forgive me one day!


Painted up

ok so maybe i did have knickers on!

Ready to go

And shes off....

He obviously wasn't too impressed!

Safely at the other end

Stonnall ended up playing in orange- doh!

BIG BIG BIG thank you to Lucy and Tori for being the best helpers/arrangers/painters/friends ever and making the experience as easy as possible! Also, thank you to both teams for allowing me to stop the game for a few minutes! I think I can easily say the hardest part of the task was getting the paint off- it took over an hour and I am still finding it on my body!

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Another task due to be completed in 2 weeks!! xx


  1. Wow! Well done! I'd never have been brave enough even with the latex! By the way, you do know the guy to the right of you in the bottom pic is doing a flash of his own??! Cheeky! ;) x

  2. I was the ref, iand wondered what was going on! Wasn't until you got closer that I realised you had no clothes on and then noticed you was Lumpy's (who i went to school and holiday with) little sister!!!! Ha ha, fair play to you!

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