Sunday, 27 May 2012

Task 19: Hells Angels

To all the people who do not see the appeal in motorbikes- I couldn’t agree more. They seem dangerous, hard-work and the leather suits look uncomfortable to say the least. Yet for some reason it made its way onto my list of 23 things to do. I always believe you shouldn’t knock something until you’ve tried it and with 200 million motorbikes in use worldwide there must be some attraction? right?! 

Since I started my list I have been lucky enough to meet my lovely boyfriend Stewart.  Even though I had no intention of meeting anyone whilst completing my list, as soon as I heard he has completed bungee jumps and loves motorbikes I knew he would have his uses- joking! J

When his Dad Malcolm offered to take me out on his Honda VFR- I jumped at the chance. I knew I would be in safe hands and with the beautiful weather of late it seemed the perfect opportunity. I will admit I was a little nervous beforehand, not helped by the stories people kept telling me! When I arrived at Malcolm’s and saw the bike sitting outside my stomach did a little flip. The bike looked bigger than I imagined but very impressive and as soon as I put my jacket and helmet on any nerves were overtook with excitement. As soon as I looked the part I thought I may as well embrace it and for the next 2 hours I was in biker mode.
Getting ready to go..

And were off..

It was soon time to go, I took my position on the bike and as we pulled away I kept running through my head all the ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ I had been told. Even though it was loud I loved the fact that everyone looked when we went by and before I knew it I was actually enjoying it! No longer was I clinging onto Malcolm for dear life but able to take in all the beautiful villages we went through. I felt so relaxed and I just wanted to keep going and going. By far my favourite part was when we hit a straight piece of road and watching the speed reach 60..70..80mph. I also loved the fact that whenever you pass another motorbike they acknowledge each other; I even gave a cheeky nod myself. It may have been my first time on a bike but I can safely say it will not be a last!

Im a pro..

So to all the people who shared the same misconception as me I urge you to re-think and if you ever get the chance to go on a motorbike- DO IT, DO IT, DO IT- you never know you must just enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you to Malcolm for helping me to complete another challenge and being the best driver I could ask for, anad thank you to Stewart for putting up with me talking about it ever since!

Please remember that I only have until June 13th to complete all my challenges so there will be lots of new blog posts coming soon! You can also donate any spare pennies you may have to help the amazing charity CRY at

Thank you very much reading,

Grace xx

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