Sunday, 18 March 2012

Task 10..Red or Black....or erm Zero?!

I definitely take after my Grandad John for enjoying a little gamble. Whether it be Irish lottery, horses, greyhounds, football, casino and most recently a spot of bingo- you can always count on me to put a bet on. However my bets have always been limited to the odd £10 here or there so the choice to put £100 was very exciting!

My friend Emily was adamant she was going to accompany me on this task as we always go to the casino together, so we arranged a Sunday evening as it was going to be nice and quiet. I was surprised quite how nervous I got seen as I was looking forward to this one so much and it was hardly challenging compared to the other tasks. I didn't realise how much money £100 was going to feel until I was getting it out the cashpoint and saw my faithful friend 'overdraft'. When we got to the Grosvenor casino in Walsall the staff were extremely helpful and once we explained the reason we were doing it they offered to open up our own table so we could take pictures as evidence.

Everyone has asked me which colour I was going to bet on and throughout I have always seen myself betting on black. Although red is the colour of the number 23 on the roulette wheel and the strip of my favourite football team- Walsall FC I couldn't help but always picture me winning on the other colour. I have tried to keep quite secretive on my decision and it wasn't until today that I actually started to change my mind. A couple of days ago I had a conversation with my housemate and she asked me which situation I would be more disappointed in- Picking black and it ended up being red- the colour everyone has suggest and had more meaning....or picking red and it ended up being black- the colour I had always stuck by?

still attempting to make a decision...

I was still changing my mind right up until the moment I was sitting in front of the table with my chips in front of me. My palms were sweaty as a small gathering of staff members surrounded us, I refused the option of a few test spins and moved my £100 of chips onto.....


I held my breathe as the ball spin round and round praying for luck to be on my side. As the ball stopped I could never of guessed what it was going to fall on....


That's right- not red, not black but bloody zero! The odds to land on zero is 37-1 to just make you realise how unlikely this is! I couldn't hide my disappointment at the extraordinary bad luck...HOWEVER being a keen gambler my friend Emily and I had already prepared for such events and Emily had kindly put £5 on zero- phew! I was still in shock as Emily was handed over £175 and I was left with £25, I'm not sure if I would of preferred it to have been black?!

Being the amazing friend Emily is she kindly offered to help me make up my bet again and we took a second attempt on the bet. We decided to keep to the original choice of red and the ordeal started all over again as the ball span round and round. Surely it couldn't be zero again? It landed on..


Hurrah! Dignity restored and I could stop seeing the sight of £100 being ripped up in my face (that isn't what actually happens in casino's for those that haven't been but it might as well feel that way!!)

I cannot thank Emily enough for her kind gesture and it worked out for the best in the end as Emily still got to walk away with £175 (minus £50 she generously donated to C-R-Y) and I have £200 sitting very nicely in my purse.

Whilst I am not promoting everyone go out and bet a ridiculous amount of money hopefully you can all take a little gamble in life in some way or another remembering that sometimes the higher the risk the higher the reward ;-)

BIG thank you to everyone at Grosvenor Walsall for making me so welcome and to my amazing friend Emily for her enormous generosity.

Thank you for reading and your continued support as always. I would also like to take this opportunity to update you that my bungee jump will now be taking place at 11:30am on Saturday 7th April as my previous date has been cancelled. Wish me luck!


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